Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Labyrinth, Project Open Hand n The Castro

So today we started out by going to a beautiful church called Grace Cathedral and walked the labyrinth. It was a really nice way to start out our day and just reflect on everything we've experienced and learned so far on this trip.  Next we went to Project Open Hand and learned about their organization and were further split into groups and were put to work.  The group I was a part of was sealing and bagging cheese ravioli and ground coffee.  The group I worked with developed a sort of routine and it went fairly smoothly.  Later we went to the Castro and went to the Human Rights Campaign shop where a worker named John shared a bit of HRC's background and history.  It was interesting to learn about and we found out that Harvey Milk's ashes were in the concrete in one slab of cement outside of the HRC shop itself.  After visiting the HRC we walked around the Castro to look for souvenirs.  The Castro is such a vibrant place and I love that we were able to spend so much time exploring it.


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