Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hey friends!
So a quick update after dinner.
1) Dinner was delicious, we had  omelettes with tomato soup and toast.  Random combination, but I enjoyed it.
2) Our reflection today was super good!  I feel really good about my group and I feel like the work we're putting in to creating a safe and supportive environment is really paying off.

Here are the pictures, as promised in the video:
San Francisco is filled to the brim with really cool street art, some more traditional than others, but all the same beautiful and filled with culture and charm. 

This is the Hostel we're staying at, in the negative space you can see a pine tree and a house, that is the logo for Hosteling International.  

Here's a picture of us doing team building exercises, you can see on the right a glimpse of the painted ladies.  It seems cool to me how beautiful the park was, we were doing these exercises in the midst of the culture and beauty of the city and the multitude of people with their cute dogs at the park.  

Adem, Ayja, Dani, and Kenny meet a new friend in the park.  (I'm so jealous)

Our intrepid leaders that have made this whole experience possible.  So grateful to them and all the work they've done.  

My small group, we prepare meals together, clean together, and in general make awesomeness together.  Super excited to work with these lovely fellas.  #teamseal 

Thanks for watching and reading, I hope your day brings you happiness and peace! 

Sincerely yours, 

Hattie Hsu 

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