Sunday, March 29, 2015

We Made It!

Wow! We have had quite the experience already here in San Francisco!

Yesterday we had to leave HU by 3:30am to be to the airport by 4:00am to begin our journey. We had a safe but sleepy flight and made it into San Francisco at 9am.

Lily thinks it is too early 
Miiko needs a nap

When we got to San Fran our hostel wasn't ready until 3 which gave us a great opportunity to explore! We all had lunch together at a Vietnamese restaurant in the Tenderloin, which is the neighborhood we will call home this week, and had a lot of laughs. 
Some art work found while exploring 

We all experienced quite the culture shock due to the differences between Minnesota and San Fran. For one, people experiencing homelessness are much more apparent and visible than in Minnesota. The disparity and visibility of the class divide was also viable. Walking a block or two can change the entire population compliation. Through service and reflection we will be able to process what we have seen more deeply. 

More soon, 

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