Monday, March 30, 2015

Service Day 1!

We just finished a very exhausting yet very rewarding volunteer experience at Glide, a non-profit organization that helps with feeding those that are hungry, while also running case managements, a health clinic, and centers for women and men. Our group helped to prepare and serve both breakfast and lunch. It was intensive work but some students were able to interact with guests and were able to meet those to whom we were serving lunch. Personally, this experience allowed me to really get a sense for how many people just in this area of San Francisco would go hungry if not for this center. Glide serves three meals each day, seven days a week, and 364 days of the year. They have great roots in this city and even though they have greatly expanded since their original years here, they remain a huge sense of passion and care for those that walk through their doors every day. We are luckily able to return later this week to help with more meals. For now, we are off to see a woman's center!

Thanks for reading! Keep checking back for more updates and some great reflections from other Pipers!

Have a great day!
Gunner Drossel

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